Ronnie Mudhindo

Ronnie Mudhindo is a Zimbabwean Sungura musician. As of 10 June 2021, Mudhindo is based in South Africa. He is a founding member of the late Tongai Moyo's band Utakataka Express. Mudhindo went solo in 2004 after leaving Utakataka Express.



He is married and has four boys. Ronnie Mudhindo's firstborn is David Mudhindo. The secondborn is Thomas Mudhindo. Innocent Mudhindo is his third child and he was featured in a video as Vazvamburi Junior. Mudhindo's youngest is named Sydney.[1]

Music Career

Ronnie Mudhindo started working with Tongai Moyo in 1993 when the two met at Shirinhema Jazz Band which had a contract at Musopero Country Hotel in Mbizo, Kwekwe. Mudhindo was taught to play the guitar by Welly Masikiri who was also a member of Shirinhema Jazz Band.

Shepherd Musekiwa left to form Shiri Chena Express. Tongai Moyo and Mudhindo followed Musekiwa since he was well known by that time.

At Shiri Chena Jazz Band, Shepherd Musekiwa did both the lead vocals and played lead guitar while Tongai was on rhythm (guitar) and Mudhindo played the bass guitar.

Moyo and Mudhindo left Shiri Chena to form Utakataka Express.

Utakataka Express was founded by Mudhindo, Musaope Nkoma as a drummer with Tongai Moyo as a lead and rhythm guitarist while Mudhindo played the bass guitar.

Utakataka Express did a demo tape where Tongai played both the rhythm and the lead which was sent to Gramma Records and they passed the test.

Mudhindo left Utakataka in 2003 approaching 2004 and assembled Orchestra VaZvamburi.[1]

Orchestra VaZvamburi

Mudhindo recorded his debut album Vazvamburi Vauya in 2005, Poto Huru (2006),

He said that the two albums did not perform well due to the lack of marketing on his side and the stable that he recorded with.

In the year 2007, DJ Phuthy took Mudhindo for a ZMC promotion that was taking place. After making an impression, Orchestra VaZvamburi then did a DVD and album called Mazirume.

In the year 2010 Mudhindo released an album called Bhora Pasi which was followed by Zvipere Zvipere in 2013.

In the year 2017, Mudhindo did an album called Dhara Harimhanyi while in South Africa. He also recorded singles with Tongai Moyo's son Tongai Junior.[1]



  • Vazvamburi Vauya (2005)
  • Poto Huru (2006),
  • DVD and album called Mazirume (2007)
  • Bhora Pasi (2010)
  • Zvipere Zvipere (2013)
  • Dhara Harimhanyi (2017)


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