Roy George Tinashe Dikinya with his girlfriend Mazwi Shamu at Victoria Falls on New Year's Day.

Roy George Tinashe Dikinya was a Zimbabwean fitness instructor. He died after slipping on a Victoria Falls gorge on 1 January 2021.


He was born to Eileen Gowera-Dikinya in 1980.[1] Dikinya, originally from Harare, had lived in Victoria Falls for a year and knew the area well.[2]


Dikinya had four children.[1] He was the father of twin boys, Trey and Lionel, and two girls, Hayli and Taya from a previous relationship.[2]


At the fateful day, Dikinya was with his girlfriend Mazwi Shamu whom he had engaged. The couple planned to announce their recent engagement to friends and family and had plans to travel across Asia.[2]


Walking parallel to the edge of the falls on 1 January 2021, Dikinya missed a step, slid, failed to catch his grip on wet rocks before falling hundreds of metres down. His remains were found trapped on a chasm by rescuers after days of searching.[1]


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