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Ruby Lynn
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Known forFounding RubyLynn Makeup Artistry

Ruby Lynn Laynett is Zimbabwean Autralian based entrepreneur and founder of RubyLynn Makeup, a makeup company. Ruby Lynn is a nurse by profession. Ruby Lynn established her business by solving the problem of African women failing to find makeup products that are suited for them in western countries.


Ruby Lynn ended up doing nursing as a way to find livelihood in the diaspora but has said she didn't like it or consider it as a career option. She however attained a bachelors degree in nursing.

Founding Ruby Lynn Makeup[edit]

Ruby has said she did not plan to start the business. Her idea was to just share grooming tips with her fellow Zimbabwean women. She did a course in makeup artistry and started posting pictures of her made-up face in a Facebook group she'd created Kugeza Nerunako na Ruby Lynn.. Women started asking her to teach them and she started creating video tutorials. She however faced the problem on not finding makeup products suitable for African women in Australia.

After the interest grew, I started doing my shopping for makeup more often but I was facing one significant problem; in Australia where I live I couldn’t find foundations that match my skin tone so the foundations I would use would come from Zimbabwe. My sisters would send me makeup products via courier.

There is no market catering for the make-up needs of women of color exhaustively so I decided there then that I needed to do something about it. I began looking for a manufacturer to create a line for me but I could not afford the fees they were asking for. But, looking back, that was a blessing in disguise because even though I couldn’t hire them to do the work for me they agreed to show me how to do it. It took me six months to do just research only. Long story short, eight to nine months later I came up with my own formula for mineral foundation. I came up with it myself. I would use my own friends to test the product until I was satisfied with its quality.[1]


Business Tips[edit]

The lessons that I learned while setting up my business are the lessons that have strengthened my life and changed it forever. Mostly because I had no one to ask, I knew no one who has done this before – create their own makeup line from scratch. Especially starting to create your own formula, that process was very difficult and made me realize how strong I am. The biggest lesson I got is probably realising that nothing is impossible. I also learned that it’s only you that can place limitations on yourself but if you really want something badly you can do anything you want. Nothing is impossible in this life that we live. If you put your mind to anything you will achieve that thing regardless of the obstacles. [1]


In 2017, Ruby Lynn was nominated for the pretigious Zim Achievers Awards which are conferred to individuals in the diaspora who have excelled.


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