Rufaro Chiworeso
Rufaro chiworeso.jpg
Spouse(s)Jah Prayzah

Rufaro Chiworesois a Zimbabwean, who is wife to popular local musician Jah Prayzah



Rufaro Chiworeso was born on 3 November.[1]

Dismissal of Henrietta Rushwaya Photos

In 2015, Rufaro reportedly shrugged off the emergence of the Jah Prayzah‘s bedroom pictures-taken in 2013 which suggested he was seeing Henrietta Rushwaya.

“The issue came up a long time ago and has been cleared up then.Back then it got to me a bit but I since understood what it was about, we have since moved on from it.Mukudzeyi and myself are very much OK.At this time I am more worried about how he is taking it all of this with the way people have put it across.Otherwise, we are happy"[2]


Rufaro and her husband share the passion for reading.[3]



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