Ruwa is a district in Mashonaland East Province.


Ruwa is 22 km south-east of Harare on the main Harare - Mutare highway and railway line.

It serves as a small administrative and trading centre for the surrounding mixed farming area. In recent years it has grown rapidly and has become a popular area for people moving out of Harare.

The Ruwa Rehabilitation Centre, just outside the town, was established in 1981 for the rehabilitation of disabled ex-combatants.

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In 1994, the Ariel School in Ruwa was the site of a sighting of a landed UFO. Some of the approximately 60 students involved in the sighting also reported that a "strange being" communicated with them. According to the students, interviewed in groups by John E. Mack, they were warned to take care of the environment.

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Ruwa local government is Ruwa Local Board.

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