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Sam Mtukudzi

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Sam Mtukudzi
Sam Mtukudzi was an Afro-jazz musician and son of Oliver Mtukudzi & Daisy Mtukudzi. He was born in 1988 and died on 15 March 2010.[1]


Sam was born to Oliver & Daisy Mtukudzi on April 1, 1988. Sam started singing at 4 years of age, playing his father's guitar and attended Harare's Prince Edward High School where he was an active member of the school's Jazz Band. His theory was widened as he also learnt several other instruments namely marimba, mbira, drums, saxophone, bass guitar, electric (lead) guitar etc. This is where the decision to make music his career came after realizing that music was not only his love or hobby but also a passion that he wished to develop. After completing his O-Level studies, Sam pursued a career in music, founding the Ay Band. He tried to differentiate himself from his father, deciding to take a deliberately independent route as signified by his first album; Rumwe Rimwe and second album Chimwe.


  1. Rumwe Rimwe
  2. Chimwe

Goodwill Ambassador

Sam served as a goodwill ambassador for a number of organisations. In 2012, he was honoured posthumously by having a scholarship fund created in his name.[2]

Ay Band

Sam founded and led the Ay band after completing his O level studies at Prince Edward High School


Sam passed away in early hours of 15 March 2010 along with his sound engineer, Owen Chimhare [3] The Tata vehicle they were travelling in is believed to have veered off the road into a bridge just before the Kuwadzana extension turn off on the Bulawayo highway. Both of them died on the spot.[4] Sam was laid to rest alongside Owen Chimare at Warren Hills Cemetery on Wednesday 17 March 2010 [5]


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