Samantha Murozoki

From Pindula
Samantha Muzoroki (Right)

Samantha Shingirai Murozoki is a Zimbabwean lawyer and humanitarian who opened a soup kitchen in Chitungwiza that fed over 1600 hungry local youths in the area's Seke Unit A suburb during the Covid-19 lockdown in Zimbabwe.


She made international news headlines last month after she started the feeding kitchen with her own meagre resources and some support from well-wishers to feed hungry children in the suburb whose parents cannot feed them during the lockdown period. Samantha, who studied law, told the Zimbabwe Voice that she was only doing the Lord’s work of feeding and loving her neighbours, most of whom go to sleep on empty stomachs.[1]

Humanitarian Activities

Samantha has been involved in humanitarian activities in her neighbourhood of Seke Unit A in Chitungwiza where she started a soup kitchen under the banner of Kuchengetana Trust. On day 75 the kitchen served 1002 people during the porridge time and supper saw 1795 people being served.[2]

Humanitarian Assistance
Serving porridge



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