The UK based Sebakwe Black Rhino Trust (SBRT) was set up in 1989 to help conserve black rhinos. To this end it set up (with Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe, WEZ) and funds the Midlands Black Rhino Conservancy. And developed the Sebakwe Conservation and Education Centre located on the southern boundary of the Conservancy.

Location and contact details

Sebakwe Black Rhino Trust, Manor Farm, Ascott under Wychwood, Oxon, OX7 6AL, United Kingdom.
Tel. +44 (0)1993 830278 - Fax. +44 (0)1993 830395.
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The Sebakwe Black Rhino Trust was established in 1989 to help conserve part of the remaining population of black rhino. The Trust is involved in supporting one group of rhinos in a conservancy in the Midlands. There are now only 6 black rhino in the Midlands Conservancy.

The SBRT published two newsletters per year that were available as pdf files.