Sabastian Magacha
Sebastian Magacha
Born (1984-05-10) May 10, 1984 (age 38)
  • Musician.
Years active2005 to present
Spouse(s)Nomsah Ndikumwe (former)
RelativesTinashe Magacha

Sabastian Magacha is an award-winning Zimbabwean born gospel artist. He is a well-travelled artist and has performed in countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, the United States of America, Kenya, England and Canada. in his career, he has also shared the stage with artists such as Charles Charamba, Shingisai Suluma, Don McClurkin, Israel Houghton, Joyous Celebration, Keke from South Africa, Rebbecca Malope, Deborah Frazer, Oliver Mtukudzi, and Uche.


Magacha was born on the 10th of May 1984 in Bulawayo.[1] He was born second in a family of three boys and a girl and was married to Nomsah Ndikumwe. The two were married under the Marriages Act Chapter 5:11 on May 25, 2012, at Bliss Gardens in Harare. They had no children.[2]


In October 2018, his wife Nomsah Ndikumwe filed for divorce citing loss of love and affection. The couple separated for a year before Ndikumwe, through her lawyers Madotsa & Partners, filed for divorce.

In her declaration forming the basis of the divorce, she said she had lost love for the musician and divorce was imminent.[2] In November 2018, Magacha agreed to the nullification of their union by signing a consent paper to avoid a contested divorce.[3]


Sabastian Magacha has a daughter named Imani Wadiwa Reign Magacha who was born in 2019.


It is said that Magacha did not have a childhood interest in music, instead, he was more into soccer and a staunch supporter of CAPS United Football Club but ventured into music by chance after he got injured playing for the club's juniors. He used to be a backing vocalist for fellow gospel musician Mercy Mutsvene before breaking away and launching his first album in 2005. As of 2015, Sebastian Magacha had six albums to his name and has also won several awards in the process. He is one of the most outstanding gospel artists in the country known for some of his big hits such as "Ridza bhosvo", " Oh Lord You raise me high" and "Amai vakandira". In acknowledgement of the artist's influence and reach, he was awarded an endorsement deal by a local clothing company, Jan Jam Men's Wear.[4] The endorsement deal was said to have been worth US $15 000 with the payment being made over two instalments in two years.

As of December 2021, Magacha also has a job as a social worker for the Adam Molai Foundation in Marondera.[5][6]

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In December 2021, Sabastian Magacha together with several fellow musicians celebrated Christmas Day at Mbare Global Life Ministries, where they hosted 64 orphans from different homes.

The event which ran under the theme “Giving Hope” saw several musicians including Tembalami, Mudiwa Hood and Tinashe Magacha performing for the children for free. Magacha said they bought groceries worth $3 500.[5]


Nude Pictures

in April 2020, Sabastian Magacha's private bedroom photos were leaked onto the internet. In the picture which went viral on social media, Magacha exposed his privates while having a video chat with a lady who was identified as his ex-lover Anesu. In the leaked image, however, the lady’s face was not visible as it was crudely painted over using a mobile phone photo editor.

Magacha’s ex-lover claimed that the photograph was leaked online by her estranged husband, Lloyd Tevedzai who at the time was said to be based in Dallas, Texas in the United States of America. According to Anesu, she was the one who took the screenshot which showed Magacha exposing himself.

However, for some reason, she did not delete the image from her iCloud account even after the breakup of her relationship with Magacha. In her defence, she claimed that she had completely forgotten about the existence of the photograph.

Anesu, later on, started dating gospel musician Lloyd Tevedzai and eventually, the two of them got married. She claimed that Lloyd found out about the photo when they were married and that he would use it as ammunition whenever they got into an argument. During a Facebook Live interview with Mai Titi, Sabastian Magacha’s ex-lover apologised to the musician for the debacle and said that he played no role in the events which unfolded.[8]


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