Sebede is a talented Zimbabwean percussionist and poet, who closely identifies with the Urban Grooves movement of the early 2000s.


Sebede was born James Njikizana.


Sebede’s debut album, included the hit song Eho, and was followed by the release of a second album, Upenyu/Life in 2009. Sebede has also been featured as a guest artist on Alexio Kawara’s album Kana.[1]

He blamed his failed music career on the rise and dominance of Zimdancehall. He said the dominance of Zimdancehall had left urban gooves musicians without a source of income. “Urban grooves was driven to extinction by the rise of Zimdancehall,” he said. Sebede is no stranger to destitution having allegedly lived on the streets and in Harare Gardens after his career eclipsed.[2]

Clothing Business

Sebede (real name James Njikizana) ventured into fashion with a clothing line called Torn and Tattered. This was the label for men's outfits while "Einstein Exclusive" was for ladies and "Tafara Kidzwear" was for children.[3]


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