Seke South Ward 23 Vanguard

From Pindula

The Zanu PF Seke South Ward 23 Vanguard is a Pan African inclined and youth led unit under Zanu PF mandated with defending the party’s founding principles, ideology and agenda. The unit was created with the conscious aim of mobilizing the party’s support base in the same breath promoting social cohesion and instilling Zanu PF, s ideology at grassroots levels through spreading the political ideology of the party more in deeds than words.


The unit was formed in 2018 with the aim of mobilizing support and influencing the electorate to cast the ballot in favour of candidates who participated in the 2018 harmonised elections on a Zanu PF ticket.

After the 2018 election the unit was not disbanded and continued to operate in Seke South in Chitungwiza on various community programmes.

Community programmes

The unit's programmes are under the Zanu PF youth Wing Zone 1 led by the secretary for youth AffairsTaurai Chivhanga

Water Diaries

In response to the acute water shortages pillaging the community in July of 2019 the unit started to document on the social consequences of water shortages in the community. Evidence obtained from the baseline survey conducted in Seke south ward 23 influenced the Vanguard Unit to initiate the Seke South

  • Water and Sanitation programme

The programme was birthed hinged on the findings of the survey and the unit started to identify, elderly led households, Women led households and child headed households, procuring buckets and fetching water for these families. The scope of the WASH programme was and is meant to alleviate the effects of the shortage of water on the elderly, women and children and water collection point in Seke South Ward 23.

Social safety net and livelihood programmes

In response to the devastating health ,social and economic effects of the COVID 19 pandemic Unit has been providing food hampers, sanitizers to vulnerable families during the scourge of the COVID 19 pandemic. The livelihood campaign is mainly focused on women and child headed families who are more vulnerable to the dire economic consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic.

On the 8th of August 2020 the Vanguard extended its hand to Anotidaishe Phiri a young boy aged 7, who has physical and motor disability. Anotidaishe lives with his mother who is single and raising 3 other children alone after her husband fled to South Africa in 2010. The unit managed to donate Cash, food hampers and pampers to the child Anotidaishe.

Pan African Crusade Social Media Campaign

The ZANU PF Seke South Ward 23 Vanguard Pan African crusade is a social media campaign created with the conscious aim of giving the ruling party a social media foot print and in the same breath using the internet to create a civic culture among the young voting population.

  • Ideological campaigns

The social media crusade through ideological campaigns seeks develops content for social media platforms with the aim influencing people especially the young generation to know their base, so well that from it they can connect to other worlds past and present, far and wide, and assess and evaluate. It also seeks to create or influence the cognitive map so that People understand the connection between the internal order of things and the external and the ruling party’s agenda.

  • Rationale of ideological campaigns

The question of one’s base should never be underestimated, it is the basis of all knowledge and human development .A person must know where they stand in order to know in what directions they must proceed .A clarity of destiny and of direction to it, are dependent on a knowledge of where one is. Neo imperialism distorts that basic principle of being .It makes the once colonized and their off springs more familiar first with the experiences that are furthest from their own homes and removed from themselves.