Seke Teachers' College
Seke Teachers College Logo1.png
16120 Mangwende Road, Seke
Harare, Zimbabwe, PO Box SK 41 Seke, Chitungwiza
Educational authorityMinistry of Higher and Tertiary Education
PrincipalE.N. Mutubuki
Medium of languageEnglish
Campus1 Alamein Rd, Braeside, Harare
Contact details:
Tel: +263 (4) 771190/92

Seke Teachers' College is an institution which trains aspiring primary school teachers. It is controlled by the government and it is located in Chitungwiza about 26 kilometres south-east of Harare.

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Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education

Location / Contact

(November 2021)
Address: Mangwende Road, 16120, PO Box SK 41, Seke, Chitungwiza.
Telephone: 0242 2130198
Cell: 0270 23231

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The college began to operate in January 1981 after the idea of constructing a teachers' training college was mooted in 1978. The government realised that Chitungwiza was gradually developing hence a number of new primary and secondary schools were springing up, due to the increase in population which was taking place. The construction of the college was also in line with the newly inaugurated government's (in 1980) policy of ensuring education for all Zimbabweans by the year 2000.

The college set off by enrolling 266 re-service students registered for a three-year programme for the Certificate in Education. On 4 January 1982, the college was granted full status as an Associate College of Education retrospectively with effect from 1 January 1981. In January 1982, the second batch of students was admitted. In 1983, the college introduced the two-year in-service programme for the same Certificate in Education. In 2004, the college introduced the ECD programme to substitute the Infant Education becoming the first teacher's college in the country to offer the Diploma in Education with the specialization in Early Childhood Development. In 2009, the college trained Namibian students for the Diploma in Early Childhood Development.

Principals in sequential order

  • Mr Q.M Bhila (first principal)
  • Mr J.D Makawa
  • Mr T.M Kuwengwa
  • Mrs J Makawa
  • Dr T.P Ndlovu
  • Mr H.S Munodawafa and
  • Mr E.N Mutubuki (current principal)

Entry Requirements

The minimum entry requirements for the Diploma in Education are five Ordinary Levels subjects with C or better including Mathematics and English Language.[1] Those who would have completed their Advanced Level studies, National Certificates or National and Higher Diplomas are also enrolled, of which these qualifications are added advantages.


  1. Theory of Education
  2. Teaching Practice and Professional Studies
  3. Early Childhood Development
  4. Humanities and Languages
  5. Mathematics and Science
  6. Expressive Arts and I.C.T.[2]

Seke Teachers College Intake

The Teachers college trains students in a 3 year Diploma in Education offered by the University of Zimbabwe, through the Department of Teacher Education. One qualifies to be a Primary School teacher on completion. The institution enrolls students with a General Certificate In Education with at least 5 Ordinary Level Passes, Mathematics and English Language being compulsory. Students with a "Grade C" or better are encouraged to apply, but higher grades will be considered depending on the stiffness of the competition that period of intake.

When Is The Intake?

The College performs an intake after every "9 term" cycle (it takes 9 terms for one to finish the course) and there is usually an intake every year. The January 2017 Intake is CLOSED. Currently, the next intake will be in

How Do You Apply?

  • Applications with necessary qualifications are invited by way of advertisements in national newspapers 2–3 months prior to intake.
  • The college no longer uses application letters, instead it uses application forms (See Sample Application Form Below)
  • Candidates can collect application forms at the school or download them from the internet.
  • Vetting of the applications then takes place and selected candidates are invited for interviews at the institution.
  • At the interview, candidates go through a written interview as well as an oral interview.
  • The oral interview is conducted by a panel, with usually 3 people.
  • An offer letter, together with requirements are sent to the successful applicants and they can go ahead and pay tuition (first term is $, subsequent terms are cheaper however)
  • Limited accommodation is available, with preference being given to students that are "most deserving". An extra fee is charged for accommodation.

Sample Application Form

  • This form is just a sample, it CANNOT be used in future applications. The purpose of this form is for you to familiarize yourself with it.

Application Form Seke Teachers College Image.JPG

You can download the application by clicking on the link here: File:APPLICATIONFORMJAN2017.pdf


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