Selmor Mtukudzi
Selmor Mtukudzi, Zimbabwean Musicians
Selmor Mtukudzi
  • Musician
  • Song writer
Spouse(s)Tendai Manatsa
  • Ben
  • Troy
  • Hannah
Parent(s)Oliver Mtukudzi and Melody Murape
RelativesZexie Manatsa

Selmor Mtukudzi is the daughter of Zimbabwean superstar Oliver Mtukudzi and she is a popular Afro- Jazz musician. Selmor had been in the music industry for the past ten years but she rose to national stardom in 2013 after releasing her album 'Expressions' which carried the hit 'Nguva Yangu'. The latter topped the charts and was nominated for a National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA).


Selmor was born in 1984 to Oliver Mtukudzi and Melody Murape who divorced when she was only three. Selmor is married to a musician Tendai Manatsa who is son of legendary Zexie Manatsa. The couple is blessed with three chidren, Ben, Troy and Hannah.

Music career

Born in a musical family, Selmor grew up with a passion for music but since her father was allegedly not there for her upbringing, she only ventured into full time music later in life. After completing her Ordinary Levels, she went to work as a sales representative for Adam  and Sons. The latter sold school uniforms. Her passion would not fade away but, in contrast it only increased and she was desperate to leave the job. A typical, nine-to-five job, Selmor was left with no time to either express or prove her creativity.[1] By accident or coincidence, one day she arrived late and was fired on the spot. It was here that she immediately signed up as a backing vocalist for several bands on the Bulawayo music scene. The bands includes Tanga WekwaSando, Kwekwe Band, Jabavu and Pax Afro. It was here that she honed her voice and gained the confidence to go solo. The experience she gained from these bands made her wish to launch a solo career.

With Tendai Manatsa

From the year 2005 Selmor and her husband would perform together. This saw them release two joint albums together, 'Ndinewe – I am with You' and 'Tendai and Selmor Live'. The latter, carries renditions of a few all-time classics by the two musicians’ fathers, Oliver Mtukudzi and Zexie Manatsa, which the couple remixed in their own unique way.[2]

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Solo career

Selmor's first album 'Shungu' was released way before she started performing together with her husband. In 2012 the couple decided to stop performing together to explore more as solo artists. This was followed by the release of Selmor's album 'Expressions' in 2013 which became an instant hit. She also did a collaboration with Mathius Mhere on her song called 'Ndinochengetwa naMwari'.[3] Many people liked the song 'Nguva Yangu' which rocked the airwaves and topped the charts on some radio stations. The song was also nominated in the best Song of the Year category at the 2013 edition of the National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA).

Relationship with Father

The relationship between Selmor and her father Oliver Mtukudzi has for a long time reportedly frosty. In October 2012 Selmor made headlines when she said her father Oliver Mtukudzi did not support her music career the same way he did for his late son Sam Mtukudzi. She went on further to tell journalists that if they dig further on the issue they will be "shocked" on what they would find.[4] For opening up, Selmor was attacked by some fans on her Facebook page. When she launched her latest album 'Expressions' in 2013, she also said that the two were not on speaking terms, saying they had not spoken for months.[5] Her father, refused to comment on the matter but speaking through his manager Sam Mataure, said he should not be persecuted over family matters. This however only led credence to the allegations that the father and daughter relationship is sour. Tuku did not attend his daughter's album launch.


Selmor has four albums, two joint with her husband and two as a solo artist.

  1. Shungu
  2. Ndinewe – I am with You (2009)
  3. Tendai and Selmor Live
  4. Expresions (2013)


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