Shadreck Vezha is a ZNA officer. In 2014, he was award a UN medal for UN services in Syria. in 2019, he was promoted to the rank of Brig. Genl.

Personal Details

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School / Education

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Service / Career

July 2014; Promoted from Lt. Col. to Col.
President Robert Mugabe has promoted nine lieutenant colonels to the substantive rank of colonel. The nine colonels were promoted in terms of Section 15 Sub-section 1(b) of the Defence Act. Chief of Staff Administration Major General Trust Mugoba conferred the ranks to the colonels. The others promoted are George Chitsva, Washington Chidawanyika, Joshua Chikanga, Beaven Masinga, Ernest Shamu, Simo Maseko, Tendai Makavi, and Charles Mashava. [1]

16 February 2019 - Promoted Brig. Genl. (from Col.)
Seven members of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) were yesterday promoted from the rank of Colonel to Brigadier-General, effective February 16. Addressing ZNA officers during the investiture ceremony held at Josiah Magama Tongogara Barracks, ZNA Commander Lieutenant-General Edzai Absolom Chanyuka Chimonyo commended the newly-promoted ZNA officers. [2]


In May 2014, Lt Col. Shadreck Vezha received a UN Medal for participating in the United Nations Syria Mission. The other three officers conferred with the UN medals were Lieutenant Colonels Chadokweedza Gota, Hamilton Ndhlovu and Douglas Gwite. [3]

About 100 soldiers, in December 2014, graduated the Military School of Music (MSM) at Imbizo Barracks after successfully completing four music courses. The commandant of the school, Major Patrick Mhlanga. Speaking at the ceremony, was Colonel Shadreck Vezha who is the personal staff officer to commander Zimbabwe National Army, Lt-General Philip Valerio Sibanda. [4]

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