Sharon Macheso
Sharon Macheso
BornSharon Macheso
  • Undisclosed
Parent(s)Alick Macheso (father), Nyadzisai Macheso (mother)

Sharon Macheso is the daughter of Zimbabwean Sungura maestro, Alick Macheso and wife Nyadzisai.[1]


In 2014, the local media in Zimbabwe was awash with stories alluding to the marriage of Sharon Macheso. It was reported that the legend’s daughter was married to one Kudakwashe Munetsi who was based in Cape Town, South Africa. Munetsi is said to have sent his emissaries to the Macheso home in Waterfalls in Harare to perform the traditional gesture of paying Lobola to the bride’s family as part of the indigenous Shona tradition. Sources close to the Macheso family confirmed that Munetsi was charged a whopping $12 000 as the bride price but he managed to pay $6 000.[2]

Tying The Knot

On Monday 11 August 2014, Sharon Macheso wedded her long-time lover Kudakwashe Munetsi at a colourful ceremony held at Oliver Mtukudzi’s Pakare Paye Arts Centre in Norton. The initial ceremony was held at St Francis Church before the entourage proceeded to Norton for the main reception. The photo-shoot was held in the quiet neighbourhood of Avondale. The wedding was spectacular as most of the guests conformed to the prescribed black and red dress code and black ties for the men.[3]

Leader of PHD Ministries Walter Magaya however was one the people who were caught off-side on the wedding as he came dressed in a grey sweater and black slopes. Artists who performed at the wedding include Sulumani Chimbetu of the “batai munhu” fame. As a token of appreciation for what Sharon and her husband had done, her father Alick gave their matrimonial Chitungwiza house as a gift at the wedding. The present came as one of the most priced and it showed how much the bride’s family was happy with Sharon’s gesture of loyalty and discipline. In addition, Walter Magaya leader of the PHD Ministries gave the newly-weds a present of USD $2 000.

A Short-Lived Marriage

Barely three months after her wedding to Kudakwashe Munetsi, Sharon Macheso was in the news again due to the failure of their wedding. At the height of their quarrels, Munetsi publicly claimed that Sharon had infected him with Sexually Transmitted Infections. Whether this was true or not, the move was meant to expose the bride’s infidelity and unfaithfulness; or loose morals before her wedding. On the other hand, Sharon also launched a public attack on her ex-husband when she proclaimed that he was abusive and violent. In addition, she also accused Munetsi of being an alcoholic who usually acted under the influence of alcohol.[4]

Protection Order

After the marriage was on the rocks, Sharon hastily went to the Chitungwiza Civil Court where she sought a protection order against her ex-husband. She argued that Munetsi abused drugs and alcohol, smoked mbanje, and drinks bronclear (popularly known as bronco) which resulted in him becoming violent towards her. Through her lawyer, Sharon cited violence and drug abuse as the major reasons why she needed protection.[5]

In Court

The trial of Sharon and Kudakwashe commenced on the 23rd of October 2014 at Chitungwiza civil court. There was drama however when Sharon shifted from her earlier statement which had given to the police on abuse and gave a new version of the story. Munetsi was being charged with contravening the Domestic Violence Act which does not allow physical or verbal assault of one party in a family set-up in Zimbabwe. During her cross-examination, Sharon argued that it was Munetsi who grabbed a hoe handle and assaulted her with it.[5] This was contrary to her initial report which she had given to the police which stated that she was the one who had used the hoe handle to break into the bathroom where Munetsi had locked himself in. Sharon told the court that due to assault, she was bleeding and had sustained injuries on her ribs and a fractured finger. However all these details which emerged during the court procession were not in the police statement. The trial was not concluded and 27 October was set as the date for continuance.[5]

Protection Order Granted

On 24 October 2014, Sharon was granted a protection order from her husband by the Chitungwiza magistrate court. The protection order was meant to protect her from the physical and emotional abuses which she had claimed to suffer at the hands of her beleaguered husband Munetsi.[5]


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