Shastro Mburayi
Shastro Mburayi.jpg
BornShadrach Mburayi
ResidenceIndianapolis, Indiana, USA
Years active2010 - Present
OrganizationTeam Hombe
Home town2168 Glen Norah A (KwaSpaceMan)

Stunner ft Shastro Mburayi- Mudhara Banda (Official Music Video)

Shastro was born and bred in Harare and grew up in the Ghetto Township of Glen Norah, Spaceman Section. He is a child hood friend and protege of Stunner under the Tazoita Cash Records Label (Team Hombe). Shastro made his name when he was a guest rapper on the Mudhara Banda hit song by Stunner. Shastro is now based in Indianapolis, U.S.A. since 2014, whereby he continues doing Afrobeats music, especially rapping. Shastro recently lost his father on the same day as his birthday 2020.