Shingirai David Zinyemba is a Zimbabwean and the former husband of Natasha Lucian Nyasha Kasukuwere.


Shingirai Zinyemba divorced Natasha Kasukuwere in April 2021. The two were married in terms of the Marriage Act Chapter 5:11 on December 6 2019.

Natasha Lucian Nyasha Zinyemba née Kasukuwere filed for divorce after one year of marriage. Natasha cited “irreconcilable differences” in court papers, adding that her husband told her their union would not work after getting married on December 6, 2019. She said she had lost “love and affection towards the defendant and the parties have been living separately and have not shared the matrimonial bed since March 2021.”

On the sharing of property, Natasha said she wanted a Mercedes Benz GL350d with a South African registration number, a chandelier, art pieces, utensils, and household furniture currently situate in their kitchen, dining room, and lounge while her husband gets the rest of the property.

Zinyemba once filed a notice to defend but later withdrew. The matter was heard on an unopposed roll on April 14, 2021.[1][2]

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