Simbarashe Saini

Simbarashe Saini is a Cape Town based Zimbabwean afro-jazz musician. Saini was part of the Bob Nyabinde's band in Kwekwe, where he played drums. He co-founded Makombe Brothers with James Nyamandi, with whom he toured Japan and southern Africa. He is now s solo musician and sometimes performs with his wife, who is also a musician.[1]

In July 2019 it was announced that his 7-year old son, Kevin Saini, had landed a role in the movie Run With the Wolves.[1]


Saini was born and spent his childhood and youth in Kwekwe.[1]


Saini was at one point a drummer with the Four Brothers.L He was also a drummer with Bob Nyabinde's band in Kwekwe before co-founding Makombe Brothers with James Nyamandi.

He eventually moved to South Africa with his family.





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