Sipho Nyawo

Sipho Nyawo was a South African businessman and the husband of Zulu Princess Bukhosibemvelo Zulu.



Bukhosibemvelo Zulu

Sipho Nyawo and Princess Bukhosibemvelo married at Durban's Botanic Gardens on 15 August 2009. Nyawo reportedly paid, in full, his lobola of 120 cows.[1]

Sipho Nyawo (left)


At the time of his marriage to Princess Bukhosibemvelo, Sipho Nyawo was a director of Amathonga Institute, which helps emerging entrepreneurs in South Africa.[2]

In 2008, Nyawo and Ntuzuma church’s pastor Asanda Qangule were behind the Post-Polokwane Conversations (PPC), a series of “round table discussions” which were an attempt to “demystify” the ANC national conference in Polokwane for people at ground level. The discussions began at the Ntuzuma Full Gospel Community Church north of Durban — where Jacob Zuma was made an honorary pastor.[3]


Nyawo was dismissed as Transnet executive director in 1996 for credit card abuse. Nyawo, formerly chief executive of Portnet, racked up 181 alleged cases of abuse of his company credit card between February 1994 and December 1995.

Nyawo was fired after 65 of the charges were validated in an investigation ordered by Sicgau and carried out by retired judge John Trengove. The charges – worth around R50 000 – include unauthorised ATM withdrawals, paying for first-class plane tickets, fast food and gynaecological bills for a third party.

After his dismissal, Nyawo took Transnet and minister Stella Sigcau to court.

Sigcau’s office said the allegations of card abuse at the time of Nyawo’s appointment were unproven. The claims might have been floating around since the end of 1995, but Nyawo had always denied them.[3][4]

Jacob Zuma Ties

In 2008, Mail & Guardian reported that Nyawo had strong links to Friends of Jacob Zuma Trust chairperson Barnabas Xulu.[3]


Sipho Nyawo died on 27 August 2021.


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