The Solar Publication is a monthly, two page, PDF, all electronic publication, started in October 2020. It is intended to educate Zimbabweans about Solar (and other alternatives) in Zimbabwe, using Zimbabwean knowledge and experiences.

Solar Publication 4, Page 1


The audience will be buyers and users at the lower end of the economic scale. It is an education document. We in Zimbabwe have experience and knowledge, that is relevant to Zimbabwe. And it is a celebration of Zimbabwean solar, and other 'alternatives' including energy. The target audience are people with no or little knowledge. People who want to venture into solar power as they feel it must have benefits for them, but they do not know what are they buying, how do they start, is it really worth it, and where do they go?

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The publication will also be a forum for discussion. Between users and installers, and also between installers and salesmen.

It is produced by Michael Laban / K&I Presentations, who is backed up by a team of local practitioners.



Volume 1, Issue 1 (Why?) File:Solar Publication, Vol 1, Iss 1, Oct 2020.pdf
Volume 1, Issue 2 (Basics, Terms) File:SP1Issue2.pdf
Volume 1, Issue 3 (Getting Started) File:SP1Issue3.pdf


Volume 1, Issue 4 (Installation, Jan '21). File:SP1Issue4.pdf
Volume 1, Issue 5 (Batteries, Feb '21). File:SP1Issue5.pdf
Volume 1, Issue 6 (Panels - Mar '21). File:SP1Issue6a.pdf
Volume 1, Issue 7 (Inverters - Apr '21). File:SP1Issue7.pdf

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Volume 1, Issue 8 (Q&A - May '21). File:SP1Issue8.pdf
Volume 1, Issue 9 (Prices - Jun '21). File:SP1Issue9.pdf
Volume 1, Issue 10 (Solar Cookers - Jul '21). File:SPAIssue10.pdf
Volume 1, Issue 11 (Wind Turbines - Aug '21). File:SP1Issue11.pdf
Volume 1, Issue 12 (Conversation - Sept '21). File:SP1Issue12.pdf