Sonja Madzikanda is the wife of Zimbabwean businessman Wicknell Chivayo.



Wicknell Chivayo


John Chenjera Chivayo[1] and Atarah Minana Chivayo[2]

Marriage to Wicknell Chivayo

Partenity Test

Sonja Madzikanda revealed why she had a paternity test done on her son with Wicknell Chivayo when he was born. Responding to a question from an Instagram follower, she explained that her son was born in the United States and Wicknell came to see him but could only stay for two weeks because of business.

As a result, it was all left up to her to file paperwork for John’s passport and NI number. Sonja explained because the name on the birth certificate was John Chivayo and her legal name was still Sonja Madzikanda, a paternity test was required to prove that Wicknell was indeed the father of John.[1]

Cheating Allegations

In a series of videos, Madzikanda accused Chivayo of infidelity and mistreating her.

She narrated her story explaining how she had an encounter with one of Chivayo’s alleged mistresses hours before the 2018 edition of the Miss World Zimbabwe pageant. She said:

"Whoever told you that this life and lifestyle was gold and glittery lied to you. I am telling you my pre-Miss Zimbabwe drama. Marrying a crazy psychopath who thinks this is cute. I know I will have people that will be coming at me like (saying) ‘no do not talk about your marital wars online’. Listen, this stuff is real. Women are out here being oppressed in this thing called marriage."

Madzikanda added that Chivayo’s sisters were advising her to forgive Chivayo, something she was against.

"On top of that his sisters are here sending me voice notes about how I need to seek forgiveness and be a better person. I catch all types of feelings because I have been through enough. I have been through social humiliation. I have been through the problems in this relationship."

Upon hearing this, Chivayo’s sister, Moe Chivayo, who publicly confirmed that she was against the marriage from the beginning accused Sonja of making up stories that Wicknell was cheating. She said:

“You do not love that man. You wanted the lifestyle and it kills you that he did not live up to what you expected. At the end of the day, dust yourself up and go to parties because you are not heartbroken. You are financially disappointed but be glad he bought you that Land Rover and sends petty EcoCash to your phone. Every time you try to go to your parents’ house, they send you back and when you get home, he is driving off. I will be mad too if I were you. I will be posting things on social media making things up.”



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