Soul Jah Love dies

As a Zimdancehall musician, Soul Jah Love sang about life in general and death as well. This is a list of songs where Soul Jah Love sang about death:

Dai Hupenyu Hwaitengwa

In the song Dai Hupenyu Hwaitengwa, Soul Jah Love sings if he could he would resurrect his mother. Listen to the song below:


Kana Ndafa

Soul Jah Love in the song Kana Ndafa gives his own obituary. On the chorus, he sings "Kana ndafa ndoda mugoziva ndapinda muguva, zvimwe zvamaiudzwa aiwa manyepo asi ndivo futi vaindutumira mamhepo". Soul Jah Love in the song is saying when he dies whatever people heard about him whilst he was alive is not true. He acknowledged that he would die at one point singing "Chandinoziva munhuwese azvarwa changosara kufa". Listen to the song below:

Soul Jah Love - Kana Ndafa

Ndimi Makauraya

Soul Jah Love - Ndimi Makauraya


soul jah love - handimbomira (back yard riddim) givanchy records 2014

Vaida Kundinyudza

This is a song dedicated to those who wanted him to die. In the chorus he boasts that God will deliver him from the proverbial shadow of death. He sings, "Ndinoda kuvaudza/vese vaida kundinyudza/nyangwe pamumvuri werufu Mwari vanondipfudza/ndova kuvadza." Listen to the song below:

@SoulJahLoveVEVO​ - Vaida Kundinyudza