Sport FM
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  • Harare 92.8MHz
  • Bulawayo 90.0MHz
  • Mutare 105.3MHz
  • Gweru 90.7MHz
Language(s)English, Shona, Ndebele
OwnerGovernment of Zimbabwe

Sport FM which is popularly known as SFM is one of the four radio stations in Zimbabwe owned by the state, controlled by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation which was formerly known as the Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation (RBC). It was formerly known as Radio 1.


Sport FM catered for Zimbabweans of European ancestry during the colonial era as well as in the post-colonial era. It was an all English radio station. When it was rebranded to Sport FM, it was converted into an 18 hr per day sports station in the country. The station's programme is now diverse covering issues from parliamentary debates and current affairs amongst other issues.

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