St Faith’s Secondary School is an Anglican Church School in Rusape, Manicaland Province.

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(September 2021)
Address: St Faith's High School, Bag 8001, Rusape.
Telephone: (+263) 25 3732

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St Faith's Mission was established by Anglican missionaries around 1903. Beniah Taiseni Makoni one of the most prominent inhabitants of the Mission farm was employed by the nuns as a cook. Beniah was the son of King Ndapfunya Makoni the son of Nyakurukwa. Ndapfunya was brother to the late King Chingaira Makoni, who was beheaded in 1896 during the Chimurenga. Beniah married Edith (Edesi) Ruwona, the daughter of Wilson, a local man of the Mbire clan.

St Faith's Secondary School for Boys was established as a direct byproduct of the Mission. It started life as a primary school in the early 1920s, later becoming a boarding school for both boys and girls. The nuns ran the girls' dormitories for years.

In 1949 Molly and Guy Clutton-Brock arrived. They had been sent because the farm was not thriving and the charity anticipated that it might be taken over by the Rhodesian government. It was anticipated that strong management would be established, but instead a co-operative was formed. John Mutasa and Didymus Mutasa assisted the Clutton-Brocks in creating a radical agricultural settlement.

The secondary school for boys was then established around 1965 on the site of the primary school.

The school is symbolized by a buffalo (a totem for the Makoni (Nyati) clan) under whose traditional jurisdiction the school is built.

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The November 2018 Zimbabwe Top 100 O' Level Schools ranked St Faith’s Secondary School at 13th, with a 91.94% pass rate.

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