Stephanie Chiyangwa
Stephanie chiyangwa.jpg
BornStephanie Chiyangwa
EducationCanterbury Christ Church University
  • Preacher
  • Author
Parent(s)Philip Chiyangwa
RelativesCherryl Chiyangwa

Stephanie Chiyangwa is the founder of Staphanie Chiyangwa Ministries and daughter to flamboyant businessman, Philip Chiyangwa.


Born Stephanie Chiyangwa to businessman Philip Chiyangwa (father) on 3 November 1986. She is said to have studied at the Canterbury Christ Church University and is currently based in the United Kingdom.


In what was described as a shocking turn of events, Stephanie Chiyangwa announced that she had launched her ministry known as Stephanie Chiyangwa Ministries.[1] She went on to announce in some of her posts on various platforms that she would be preaching a various events. Steph Chiyangwa has preached in countries such as Zambia alongside other female preachers. The ministry also has a charity arm known as Help Us Help Ourselves which gathers resources for the assistance of the less privileged. The philanthropic arm of the church was established with the help of Belinda Magejo and Beauty Mufamba.

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Stephanie has hogged the limelight for a number of reasons including some reports which claimed that she had swindled people money in the United Kingdom after lying to them that she was hosting a function at which Strive Masiyiwa would be among the guests.[2] There were also claims that she had threatened the Zimbabwean population living in the United Kingdom with unspecified action and advising them to watch their backs.[1]

Other Interests

She is also an author having written a book titled "Situation is Never Destiny".[3] Stephanie is part of a TV production called Afro Essence TV which is into film and video production.[4]

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