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Steve Makoni is a Zimbabwean singer, songwriter and solo guitarist who incorporates comedy in his lyrics. He is well known for the songs "Sabhuku Nedhongi" and "Zvachonyana". He is often referred to as “Dhongi” due to the overwhelming response Sabhuku Nedhongi received from the public.


He was born in Nyanga in the early 1950s.[1] He is married to Anita and has five children.[2]


Makoni became a well-known and powerful musician in the 1990s when he penned and sang the pro-woman-empowerment song, Handiende, which is a song about a wife telling her husband that although he no longer loved her, she was not going anywhere as she would remain in the marriage for the sake of her children.[1]He hogged the limelight in 1994 with album “Risati Ravira” which had the hit song “Zvatsonyana”.[3]

He travelled to the United Kingdom where he performed alongside Thomas Mapfumo and Raymond Majongwe at a show dubbed Zimbabwe Independence Chimurenga Bira Festival at Corah Suite, Euro House in Leicester in April 2016. His album titled "Munyibho", which he was rumoured to have collaborated with Oliver Mtukudzi and was set to be released in March 2014 was put on hold because as he said:

“it was becoming increasingly difficult to travel to Harare from my base in Rusape, due to many engagements at private functions, some of which were organised by Delta Beverages, but the album will finally be released in November (2016)”.


His song "Mambo Haagadzwe ne Mutorwa" received a lot of airplay in an apparent move to politicise its lyrics that suggested strangers cannot crown a king in the presence of his relatives. As a result he was the 3rd highest earner of music royalties that were disbursed by Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura) in 2013 after the groups Mbare Chimurenga Choir and Born Free Crew. He is believed to have pocketed $5 000.[4]



  • Ndada Ndada Ndada (Heart of the Rhythm)
  • Risati Ravira
  • Taisireva
  • Munyibho


Steve Makoni Zvachonyaana
Steve Makoni - Handirare ft Tuku

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