Sunsleey Chamunorwa

Sunsleey Chamunorwa was a Zimbabwean journalist and former Financial Gazette editor-in-chief.


Chamunorwa was appointed Financial Gazette editor-in-chief on May 5, 2003 by Gideon Gono. Before his appointment, Chamunorwa was Gono's advisor and public and investor relations executive at the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe (CBZ) where Gono was managing director and chief executive officer.[1][2]

On 12 March 2007, Chimunorwa was suspended over a story linking top Zanu-PF officials among them the then Governor for Mashonaland East Province Ray Kaukonde to lucrative security contracts at Harare International Airport. He was suspended by chief executive officer Jacob Chisese pending a final decision by the company’s board.

In its edition of 8-14 March 2007, the Financial Gazette led with a story alleging that three security companies with links to Zanu PF had their contracts cancelled after the Joint Operations Command had raised concern that the firms could have been used by senior politicians to facilitate the smuggling of minerals through Harare International Airport.

Sources at Financial Gazette said Sunsleey Chamunorwa's suspension over the airport security companies story was a coverup that was being used to scapegoat the pressure being brought to bear on the newspaper's board to push Chamunorwa out by certain powerful politicians.[3]

Chamunorwa had clashes with senior Zanu PF politicians, notable among them Ignatius Chombo who was the Local Government and Public Works Minister. At one time, Chombo threatened Chamunorwa. Chombo was implicated in a bribery scandal covered by The Financial Gazette.[2]

In 2015, Sunsleey Chamunorwa was fired by The Financial Gazette following the 2015 Labour Ruling.[4]


Wikileaks Cable

According to a cable released by Wikileaks Sunsleey Chamunorwa who was then Financial Gazette editor-in-chief and The Standard editor Bornwell Chakaodza both welcomed a proposal by VOA’s programme manager for Africa Negussie Mengesha to introduce an editor’s forum programme on the station.[5]


Sunsleey Chamunorwa died in Harare on 28 April 2022 after suffering a combination of liver failure and stroke aged 55.[6]


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