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TK Hollun is a South African based Zimbabwean artiste. He is one of the pioneers of Urban Grooves music and made his name with Ndafunga Kure, thanks to government’s deliberate policy of promoting local arts by enforcing a 75% threshold for broadcasting local content on national media.


He was born Tendekayi Mushekwi in Nyanga and is cousin brother to popular footballer Nyasha Mushekwi. He is married to Chipo Esther Square in 2012 and the couple has two children, Kayden and Kyla.[1]


With the demise of urban grooves coupled with the country’s harsh economic climate, in 2007 TK Hollun joined the “Great Trek” to South Africa where he was compelled to ditch his passion, music, and do menial jobs. With his little savings, he attempted several comebacks, which all hit a brick wall as urban grooves music had gone into the abyss. However, his efforts came to fruition when he set up a recording studio, Shakestone Records, in Durban, which was meant to promote artistes from Zimbabwe.[2]

Formerly of the group TBI in Zimbabwe, TK Hollun said his recording studio, apart from working with upcoming artists, was also promoting established musicians. "Shakestone Records promotes artists from Zimbabwe and in recent times, I have brought to perform in South Africa the likes of Lady Squanda and Sniper Storm, among others".

In 2014 he released a 13 track album titled Hollun Vibez. The album that carries 13 tracks was a reflection of the evolution of the artiste who once rocked the music scene with songs such as Ndafunga Kure and Ukandiramba. Hit tracks from the album included Ndiri ndega that exposed the softer side of the artiste. We also saw the return of 2000 hit song Mwana Wandaida that sounded good in 2014 thanks to the Midas touch of Congolese Papi Minoki.[3]

His sixth album Blood Pressure hit the streets late 2019. And since the release of the 12-track album TK Hollun seems to have regained his touch. “Blood Pressure is a love song that describes the pain of not having the one you love by your side,” he said. “Other songs on the album include Ndafunga Kumba, Ndinokuda, Holy Ghost, Denga, Ready, Turn Up, Heavy Party, BOM (Based On Money) and On Fire to mention just a few.” This album did well especially on Radio Zimbabwe where it entered the charts.[4]

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