Taal-Net Group is a consortium of co-educational day and boarding schools, through South Africa, with two in Zimbabwe, at Glendale, Mazowe, and Eastview, Harare. They started in Gauteng, South Africa in 2009 as a computer training school, and have grown.

See High Schools Of Zimbabwe.

Location details

Head Office

51 Maxwell Road, Kempton Park, South Africa info@taalct.co.za www.taalct.co.za


Stand 1747, Tsungubvi, Glendale 0263 Tel: +263 771 930317 Cell: +263 718 777660, 739091035 Email: glendale@taalct.co.zw https://taalct.co.za/Schools/Taalnet_Glendale <ref name="Glendale Taal-net"> Glendale Taalnet, Taal-net Glendale, Retrieved: 17 July 2019


Eastview Garden Complex, Cnr Glenara and Clyde Roads, Eastlea 0263. Tel: +263 2424 98010, Cell: +263 771930317, 739091035, 242498010 Email: eastview@taalct.co.za https:/taalct.co.za/Schools/Taalnet_Eastview. <ref name="Eastview Taal-net"> Taalnet Eastview, Taal-net Eastview, Published: Retrieved: 17 July 2019

School Grounds


The schools is on 12 hectares. Aside from the area for building projects, They grow maize (and are self sufficient), and fresh vegetables (cabbages, rape, covo, carrots. tomatoes, and onions) organically.

Schools lighting is solar, as well as computers and printers. Water is borehole. Hot water comes from an independent, non-electrical, boiler system, which provides hot showers.

Students / Teachers / Courses

  • Glenview offers Preschool (ECD-A, ECD-B), Primary School and Secondary School
  • Eastview offers Preschool (ECD-A, ECD-B) and Primary School.
  • Glenview sports include football and netball.


Each year , all Taal-Net Group of schools from both South Africa and Zimbabwe converge at Beula park ,Meadowdale for an annual event the Taal-net arts festival where leaners are given the opportunity to showcase their talents and skills in the areas of arts and culture on stage.


Taal-Net won the 2018 Zimbabwe Excellence Awards.

  • Entrepreneur of the Year award
  • Prestigious Business Organisation of the year award

Taal-Net Group of Schools won the Zimbabwe Achievers Award (Z.A.A) 2019

  • Business of the Year Award

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