Tafadzwa Muguti

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Tafadzwa Muguti
Tafadzwa Muguti
EducationSt Martins Convent, Chaenga College, University of Zimbabwe, University of Liverpool
  • Entrepreneur.

Tafadzwa Muguti is a Zimbabwean businessman and is the Group CEO at Africapaciti Investment Group in South Africa. In August 2020, Muguti was appointed Harare provincial development coordinators (PDC) by Emmerson Mnangagwa.


He was born and raised in Zimbabwe.

Educational Background

Muguti graduated from the University of Zimbabwe with an Msc in Computer Sec, before attaining two more qualifications at Liverpool University and Chaenga College.[1] He also holds a Masters of Business Administration in Leadership and Sustainability.[2]


There were reports that Muguti had been poisoned by his nemeses for fighting land barons and corruption. Speaking after the incident, Muguti said:

"I am not commenting on that (poisoning) issue, but what I can only tell you is because of our job, our lives are always under threat. We are living in violent and politically toxic times, and my job comes with its consequences and all I can say is that we are protected by the Lord Almighty. We are not targeting individuals, we are targeting the wrongs being done by people and if we can fix that then we can go far."



Tafadzwa joined the IT industry when he was 17 when he was working as a Data Capture Clerk.[1] In 2004, he founded Secure Dynamix and was the company CEO up until 2011. He is also said to have founded many other SMEs which include National Transactions Exchange, Bantu Africa. Currently, he is the group CEO at Africapaciti Investment Group in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Political Career

In 2019, Muguti was appointed ZANU PF director of Investment and Economic Affairs.[2]

Career As Harare PDC

Muguti was one of 10 provincial development coordinators (PDC) appointed by Emmerson Mnangagwa in August 2020 to assist Ministers of State for Provincial Affairs with “technical and administrative support” needed to promote economic growth, create jobs and uplift people’s living standards.

Muguti was appointed to assist Oliver Chidawu.[2] See File:EDP Metropolitan Report 2021.pdf


In June 2021, Muguti ordered civic organisations operating in Harare to report to him.

Muguti summoned all directors of NGOs and private voluntary organisations (PVOs) to pay a courtesy call to his office, claiming that some of them were operating outside their mandates.

In a circular to NGOs, CSOs, PVOs and faith-based organisations dated 30 June 2021, Muguti ordered them to submit work plans for the rest of 2021. He demanded that they provide him with information on workshops and other operations they would be conducting within Harare province.

Muguti also ordered the organisations to provide monthly reports and other information on their operations by 9 July 2021.

Muguti did not state the constitutional provisions that give him the power to summon the NGOs despite a 2019 High Court ruling by Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo that district administrators had no business in the operations of NGOs.

Several directors of local NGOs confirmed to NewsDay that they had received Muguti’s circular but some said they were failing to comprehend his dictates.[4]

Legal Battle with Huawei

Muguti was involved in a legal battle against NetOne and Huawei after the latter was awarded a tender to upgrade NetOne Zimbabwe's network to be LTE compatible when they had not participated in the tender process.[5] The matter was however dismissed by the administrative court after Muguti did not appear for court.[6]


  • 2008 and 2009 African Achievers SMME Finalist
  • Continental Excellence AWARD Zimbabwe 2010.
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