Takakunda Mukundu is a musician. He's the sone of legendary guitarist and producer Mono Mukundu. Like his father, Takakunda can play a lot of instruments which include

  1. The bass guitar
  2. Drums
  3. Marimba
  4. Mbira (Nhare and Nyunga)
  5. Saxophone
Tak Mukundu
Takakunda Mukundu


Takakunda Mukundu was born in 1998 to Clive and Jean Mukundu. He has one sibling Tariro Mukundu. Taka went to Prince Edward School and later on attended Zimbabwe College of Music and graduated with an Advanced National Certificate in Music.


Taka went professional in his early teens joining Gary Tight's band when he was only 15 and still a form 3 student at Prince Edward.

Speaking to The Daily News about joining Gary Tight's Band Taka said

I joined Gary Tight 's band because I believe in what he is doing. Gary will help me as I embark on a professional music career

In the video below young Taka is seen here playing with his father Mono Mukundu


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