Takudzwa Razemba is a Zimbabwean businessman. In 2013, The Herald listed him as one of the richest Zimbabweans with a net worth of US$780 million.


Takudzwa Razemba owns Orbz Investment Corporation.[1]

Net Worth

According to a list compiled by Zimdev Takudzwa Razemba's empire in 2013 was worth US$780 million.

In a 2013 interview, he admitted that he is a multi-millionaire and said he had plans of creating one of the biggest stockbroking firms in Southern Africa and also open a commercial bank. Some of his businesses are listed on the FTSE and the London Stock Exchange. The companies are operating in the Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Dubai, and Canada.

He however said he did not want people to know he is rich saying:

"There is a serious problem of the ‘pull-him-down’ syndrome in this country. When people see you climb the ladder or when they know how much you are worth, they want to see you down and destroyed. I don’t want to be in the limelight, the media destroys people’s lives especially when you are a public figure.”



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