Takunda Claude Nyakauru (Jedza)

Takunda Claude Nyakakuru popularly known as Jedza is a Zimbabwean actor and comedian known for working with some popular comedians such as Dhafu and Terrence "Jatiwero" Chirinda at Naiza Boom.


the first time Jedza made it on set was in 2019 when he was invited by his friend Tatenda Mutasa to the studio at Naiza Boom in Chitungwiza. Takunda Claude Nyakakuru was standing in for the main actor who had not turned up. He nailed the performance and Michael “Naiza Boom” Machiona the founder of Naiza Boom then asked him to join the production house.

Some of the trending comedy skits that he presented include Jedza The Notorious Maid, Shamwari Yepamoyo and Life of Regrets. Jedza features on a Naiza Boom series Vimbiso.[1]


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