Tanto Wavie

Tanto Wavie is a Zimbabwean hip hop musician who is known for his hit track John Chibadura which is a homage to a Sungura legend and one of Zimbabwe's greatest artists. Tanto Wavie specialises in TrapSu (Trap Sungura) which is a combination of trap music and sungura.


He was born in Chitungwiza where he also grew up.[1]


Tanto Wavie started music in 2010 whilst he was still in school. In an interview, he said he started as a Zimdancehall musician.[1]



  • Someone Had To Smoke iT (2018)[2]
  • Rudo ibofu (2020)[3]


  • Wavie 2 (2020)[3]


Tanto Wavie - John Chibadura (Official Video)
Tanto Wavie - John Vhura Gedhi (Official Music Video)
Tanto Wavie - Kete (Official Music Video)
Tanto Wavie - So (Visualizer)
Tanto Wavie Rudo Ibofu (Official Video)


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