BornShepherd Kumbodziya

Shepherd 'Taso' Kunodziya is a Zimbabwean musician. He became popular with his dancing skills on songs such as 'Watopedza', 'Usandibate' and 'Vaka Zimbabwe'.


Born in 1970 in Wedza, and grew up in the mining town of Zishavane. Taso is a former student of the Zimbabwe College of Music where he learnt to perfect his voice and play several musical instruments including keyboards in 1994. Among the albums that made him popular in Mozambique, Botswana and Zimbabwe include Taso Dances With You, Taso Gets Dangerous, To Be More Dangerous and Taso Comes to Town. After being out of the fast growing music industry for almost 8 years, it now remains to be seen whether Taso will be accepted back into the local musical fold.[1] Taso worked as a teacher at Kambarami and Dombodzvuku Secondary Schools in Murehwa before training as a hospital technician with the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare in 1990.[2]

Music Career

Taso enrolled with the Zimbabwe College of Music in 1994 to perfect his music skills. He has 10 albums in his music career. He had to take a sabbatical from music but made a comeback in 2012 to record his 10th album and then went quiet. He has now quit music and is concentrating on his career as a hospital equipment technician working for private hospitals at the same time buying and selling cars.


His catalogue of albums include: “Taso Dances With You” (1996), “Taso Gets Dangerous” (1997), “To Be More Dangerous” (1998), “Taso Comes to Town” (1999), “Dance to The Northern Style” (2000), “Tingachembedzana Sei?” (2001), “More Explosive Hits” (2002), “Handichava Muranda” (2004) “The Return of Taso” (2006) and “Wakanga Wanzwei?” (2012).[3]


Taso approached the courts as a complainant in a failed residential stand deal. The musician appeared at the Harare magistrates’ court where Cabroc Investments had been summoned to answer to charges of duping the former of US$35 000 in a botched residential stand sale.[4]


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