Tavonga Utabwashe
Apostle Tavonga Utabwashe, Heartfelt International Ministries
ChurchHeartfelt International Ministries
Personal details
Birth nameTavonga Utabwashe
ResidenceHarare, Zimbabwe

Tavonga Utabwashe is a popular Zimbabwean religious figure. He is the president and founder of Heartfelt International Ministries. He holds an annual crusade called Catch the Fire. Vutabwashe is also an author who has penned self help religious books.


Vutabwashe is married to Chipo Vutabwashe who is also a pastor in Heartfelt International Ministries. The two have three children.[1]

Career as a Pastor

Vutabwashe would host an annual "Catch the fire Revival Crusade" even when he was still a pastor for Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe and Emmanuel Makandiwa would often if not always be invited as the most dynamic guest speaker.[2]

Departure from AFM

Vutabwashe is one of the pastors that departed from Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe.

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Vutabwashe and Politics

In June 2016, Vutabwashe delivered a sermon arguing that Zimbabwean government ministers were behind the sufferings of the ordinary Zimbabwean. He also added that the government was hypocritical and didn't walk the talk

,"His Excellency is saying indigenisation and empowerment but he is surrounded by people who are occultic."

He went on to argue that the government fostered the stereotype that foreigners are superior. Vutabwashe also blamed the Chinese for the cash crisis in Zimbabwe,

"Now cash is a crisis but the Chinese are taking money out. Who signed the agreement with them? If they take our wealth whose signature is there? Are they Chinese signatures? Africa kills themselves. I remember pastoring in Belvedere, I struggled to acquire land to build a 15 000 seater Church where they put Long Chen Plaza. They told me it was a wetland. But when the Chinese came they gave them that same of land. Who is killing our own people and the animals? So now China is the hope of Africa. We try and go with the gospel to China but are denied entry because we have bibles."


Below is a video of the sermon:

Vutabwashe takes on the government in sermon

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Miracle Baby

A Heartfelt International Ministries congregant by the name Mrs Kabudura from Chabwino zone was able to finally hold her very own baby girl after 15 years without a child. After three miscarriages, a declaration made by Vutabwashe is believed to have put a stop to the miscarriages. Apostle T. Vutabwashe declared , "you shall hold your baby" and behold Mrs Kabudura is now the proud mother of a baby girl.

Books by Vutabwashe

Vutabwashe launched his first book Promoting the Value of Women in April 2012.[4]


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