Tazvi Mhaka
Tazvi Mhaka
BornTazvi Mhaka
  • Entrepreneur
  • Socialite
EmployerCedar Petroleum
Known forflamboyant lifestyle & sharing it on Social Media
Spouse(s)Ruby Rose
Children4 children.

Tazvi Mhaka is a Zimbabwean business person who is known for his flamboyant lifestyle from the pictures he shares on social media. He is known to be friends with Wicknell Chivayo who is also outspoken about having a lot of money and spending it. Mhaka is known for attending parties, going to clubs and traveling abroad. He has a son and is married.

Mhaka is also referred to as Chief or Sheikh in some circles. He frequently wears Arab clothes. He has said: "“I have many Arab friends as well as business associates and from time to time I travel to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, China and India. I am a Christian but I appreciate Arab dressing which is why I got lots of these garments.” [1]


Tazvi Mhaka runs Cedar Petroleum and owns a haulage truck company. His company imports fuel from Mozambique and supplies to customers in DRC.[1]

In June 2021, Mhaka opened Cedar butchery in Kuwadzana.[2]

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  • Tazvi has also been a victim of extortion as someone threatened to expose his extramarital affairs.
  • In December 2012, Mhaka claimed that he would stop partying and clubbing as he had become a born again christian; "I am now a born-again believer and a member of House of Worship Evangelical Church founded by Pastor Badza. I really want to thank him for bringing me to Christ" [1]

Genius Kadungure's All White Party

In October 2016 Mhaka attended Genius Kadungure's all white party in Sandton, South Africa.


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