• last: Surname of subject. Do not wikilink—use subject-link instead. Where the surname is usually written first—as in Chinese—or for corporate authors, simply use last to include the same format as the source.
    • first: Given or first names of author, including title(s); example: Firstname Middlename or Firstname M. or Dr. Firstname M., Sr.. Do not wikilink—use subject-link instead.
    • OR: for multiple subjects, use first1, last1 through first9, last9 for up to nine subjects. By default, if nine subjects are defined, then only eight will show and "et al." will show in place of the last author.
  • subject-link: Title of existing Wikipedia article about the subject—not the subject's website; do not wikilink.
  • OR: for multiple subjects, use subject-link1 through subject-link9.
Aliases: subject, last, last1, author1, author, authors; subject2, last2, author2 through subject9, last9, author9; subjectlink, authorlink, authorlink1; subjectlink2, authorlink2 through subjectlink9, authorlink9.