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The purpose of this template is to help managing references to ISBN books on many different articles. You can include a citation by

{{Cite isbn | your_isbn_number }}

Also, in order to add a citation in the document that will present with a citation number and be followed with the citation at the end of the document, put the following:

<ref>{{Cite isbn | your_isbn_number }}</ref>

using a 10-digit or 13-digit ISBN number, with or without embedded hyphens (-). After the reference has been filled once, you can include the same code on a variety of articles, all pointing to the same content. If you later change the book citation, e.g. including an URL, bibcode, or authorlinks to the respective articles, it is synchronized at once at all occurrences of your citation.

This template is inspired by the cite doi template, but lacks its functionality to automatically fill out the citation, since such reliable services are not present or yet implemented for isbn numbers. Therefore you will have to create a {{cite book}} template yourself.

Editions with different page numbering can share the same isbn and there can be more than one isbn for the same book, so it is necessary to check the edition being referred to if reusing a citation definition. It is also possible in very unusual circumstances for multiple books to share the same isbn, so be careful before reusing a citation definition.

There is no standard formatting of the citations that use this template at this time, unlike {{cite doi}} etc. that enforce things like initials only for first and middle names.

Optional parameters
|page=, |pages=, |ref= and |year= are passed to the book citation.
Removing the "edit" link

If you want to remove the "edit" link that this template places, add a second parameter with the text "noedit":

For example,

{{Cite isbn|9780060394363}}


Ward, Sela (October 15, 2002). Homesick: A Memoir. HarperEntertainment. ISBN 0060989076.CS1 maint: date and year (link) edit


{{Cite isbn|9780060394363|noedit}}


Ward, Sela (October 15, 2002). Homesick: A Memoir. HarperEntertainment. ISBN 0060989076.CS1 maint: date and year (link)

Technical details

Cite isbn works by transcluding a page from its subdirectory onto the respective article page. The name of this page is always the ISBN-13 number (ISBN-10 numbers are converted by adding 978 in front) with the last digit truncated (which is only a check digit and holds no information). Therefore, both corresponding isbn formats point to the same book.

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