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{{Infobox broadcast}} is an infobox for television station articles.

Blank template

{{Infobox broadcast
| call_letters             =
| station_logo             =
| image                    =
| location                 =
| country                  =
| city                     =
| station_branding         =
| station_slogan           =
| analog                   =
| digital                  =
| virtual                  =
| subchannels              =
| other_chs                =
| affiliations             =
| owner                    =
| licensee                 =
| founded                  =
| airdate                  =
| enddate                  =
| callsign_meaning         =
| sister_stations          =
| former_callsigns         =
| former_channel_numbers   =
| former_affiliations      =
| former_locations         =
| former_cities            =
| effective_radiated_power =
| HAAT                     =
| class                    =
| facility_id              =
| coordinates              =
| licensing_authority      =
| homepage                 =

Required fields

{{Infobox broadcast
| call_letters             = 
| location                 = 
| owner                    = 


Parameters with * are required fields. Link people if they have articles.

Parameter Explanation
call_letters * The call letters of the station, as assigned by the appropriate national broadcast authority.
station_logo An image of the station's logo. Should be resized to a width of 250 pixels or less.
hq_photo A photo of the station headquarters. Should be resized to a width of 250 pixels or less.
location * The name of the municipality in which the station's programming originates. That is, the primary studio and office location. This is opposed to the transmitter location which may be in a different community, and also opposed to regional "satellite" studios or facilities.
country The country in which the station's programming originates. If this is different than the country under which the station is licensed, consider leaving this blank and listing both countries in the article body.
city The municipality designated by the station's licence, where this differs from location.
station_branding The wording the station normally uses on-air and in advertising to identify itself, as opposed to the actual call letters.
station_slogan The station's slogan phrase(s), used for promotion and programming description rather than for station identification (distinguished from station_branding).
analog Indicate the analog channel number of the station's primary analog transmitter, and whether it is in the VHF or UHF spectrum. Not applicable in areas or nations that have fully completed a digital switchover.
digital Indicate the channel number of the station's primary digital transmitter, if applicable, and whether it is in the VHF or UHF spectrum.
virtual Indicate the virtual channel number of the station's primary digital transmitter if it differs from its actual channel number and that it is created via the PSIP.
subchannels List any digital subchannels, separating each line with <br/>, if not identified in "affiliations" or elsewhere.
other_chs Indicate channel numbers of the station's secondary transmitters, if applicable. Analog and digital transmitters should be identified as appropriate.
affiliations Identifies which network(s) the station is associated with and which contribute regular programming. Use "Independent" if the station does not belong to any regular broadcast network. Do not list temporary or special-event networks; do not duplicate information already listed elsewhere.
owner * The company which owns the station.
licensee Identify which company or entity holds the station licence, if different from owner.
founded The date on which the station corporate activities began, which will be prior to airdate. If the station has had multiple owners in its history, this would be a point-form chronology (see Example below).
airdate The date on which regular broadcasts began.
enddate For defunct stations, the date on which the station ceased broadcasting.
callsign_meaning The meaning behind the callsign letters, if available.
sister_stations Identify any very closely-related stations e.g. twin stations with similar programming and ownership, but separately licenced.
former_callsigns List any previous callsigns the station had during its history.
former_channel_numbers List any previous channel numbers the station had during its history.
former_affiliations List any previous affiliations (networks) the station had during its history.
former_locations List any previous locations the station had during its history.
former_cities List any previous cities the station had during its history.
effective_radiated_power The current effective radiated power of the station's primary transmitter in kilowatts, or watts if below 1 kW.
HAAT Indicate the height above average terrain (HAAT) in metres first, followed by a conversion to feet. For example: {{convert|210|m|ft|0|abbr=on}} → 210 m (689 ft) - see {{convert}}
class Indicate the class of the primary broadcast transmitter, as applicable to the broadcast standards of the station's country.
facility_id The facility ID which a national regulatory identifies the broadcast station (generally used by FCC in the United States).
coordinates Indicate the geographic coordinates of the station's primary transmitter. Use {{coord}}.
licensing_authority Official license-granting government agency. If the licensing authority is the [[Federal Communications Commission|FCC]], the template will display external links to public licensing information for this station.
homepage The station's official website. Type in a wikified URL e.g. [http://www.thebostonchannel.com/ thebostonchannel.com]


The following is an example of how the Infobox Broadcast template is used (using a modified version of WCVB-TV as an example):

Boston, Massachusetts
United States
BrandingWCVB Channel 5 (general)
NewsCenter 5 (newscasts)
SloganLocal Live Coverage You Can Count On
ChannelsDigital: 20 (UHF)
Virtual: 5 (PSIP)
Subchannels5.1 ABC
OwnerHearst Television
(WCVB Hearst Television, Inc.)
First air dateMarch 19, 1972
Call letters' meaningW Channel V (five in Roman Numerals, former analog channel & current PSIP channel) Boston
Sister station(s)WMUR-TV
Former channel number(s)Analog:
5 (VHF, 1972–2009)
Transmitter power625 kW
Height390 m
Facility ID65684
Transmitter coordinatesLua error: callParserFunction: function "#coordinates" was not found.
Licensing authorityFCC
Public license information:Profile
{{Infobox broadcast
| call_letters             = WCVB-TV
| station_logo             = <!-- logo commented out in this example due to WP:COPYVIO --[[Image:WCVB5.png|WCVB logo]]<br><br>[[File:Me-TV_WCVB_Boston.png|150px]]-->
| station_slogan           = Local Live Coverage You Can Count On
| station_branding         = ''WCVB Channel 5'' {{small|(general)}}<br>''NewsCenter 5'' {{small|(newscasts)}}
| digital                  = 20 ([[ultra high frequency|UHF]])<br>[[Virtual channel|Virtual]]: 5 ([[Program and System Information Protocol|PSIP]])
| subchannels              = 5.1 [[American Broadcasting Company|ABC]]<br>
| affiliations             = [[American Broadcasting Company|ABC]]
| airdate                  = March 19, 1972
| location                 = [[Boston|Boston, Massachusetts]]
| country                  = United States
| callsign_meaning         = '''W''' '''C'''hannel '''V''' (five in [[Roman numerals]], former analog channel & current PSIP channel) '''B'''oston
| former_callsigns         = 
| owner                    = [[Hearst Television]]
| former_channel_numbers   = Analog:<br>5 ([[very high frequency|VHF]], 1972–2009)
| license=WCVB Hearst Television, Inc.<!-- if this has changed to something other than what the FCC indicates as the licensee name, please provide a source! The fact that Hearst-Argyle itself has changed name does not necessarily mean all subsidiaries have as well -->
| sister_stations          = [[WMUR-TV]]
| former_affiliations      = 
| effective_radiated_power = 625 [[Watt#Kilowatt|kW]]
| HAAT                     = 390 m
| facility_id              = 65684
| coordinates              = {{Coord|42|18|37|N|71|14|14|W|type:landmark_scale:2000}}
| licensing_authority      = [[Federal Communications Commission|FCC]]
| homepage                 = {{URL|www.wcvb.com}}