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The {{Infobox holiday}} template adds an infobox with data fields for defining a particular holiday.


{{Infobox holiday
|holiday_name  = required
|type          = required
|image         =
|imagesize     =
|caption       =
|official_name =
|nickname      =
|observedby    =
|litcolor      =
|longtype      =
|significance  =
|begins        =
|ends          =
|date          =
|scheduling    = <!-- e.g. "same day each year" -->
|duration      = <!-- e.g. "1 day", "1 week" -->
|frequency     = <!-- e.g. "annual", "every 4 years", "once" -->
<!-- Use next three if holiday is the same day of the same week every year -->
|week_ordinal  = <!-- "first", "second", "last", etc. -->
|weekday       = <!-- "Sunday", "Monday", "Friday", etc. -->
|month         = <!-- "January", "February", "December", etc. -->
<!-- Use next three if the date changes in an unusual pattern each year -->
|date2021      = <!-- only for days that change each year -->
|date2022      = <!-- only for days that change each year -->
|date2023      = <!-- only for days that change each year -->
|date2024      = <!-- only for days that change each year -->
|celebrations  =
|observances   =
|relatedto     =

For an annual holiday occuring on the same day each year:

{{Infobox holiday
|holiday_name  = Template Day
|type          = 
|image         =
|imagesize     =
|caption       =
|official_name =
|nickname      =
|observedby    =
|litcolor      =
|longtype      =
|significance  =
|begins        =
|ends          =
|date          = 30 February
|scheduling    = same day each year
|duration      = 1 day
|frequency     = annual
|celebrations  =
|observances   =
|relatedto     =



This is the most common holiday name, which appears at the top of the infobox. It should almost always be the name of the article.
The type of the holiday, for example: national, judaism, islamic, etc. The type parameter has this relation:
Type (param "type") Color
islam, islamic LightGreen
judaism, juda, jewish, jew LightSkyBlue
buddhism, buddhist, buddha PaleGoldenRod
christian, christ, christianity Lavender
asian, asian festival RosyBrown
secular DarkGray
national, international, local, group LightViolet
historical, cultural, patriotic, ethnic LightSalmon
pagan DarkKhaki
commercial Yellow
hindu, hinduism Orange
shinto, shintoism Red
default LightSteelBlue
required for multi-day holidays - This is the starting date for a multi-day holiday.
required for multi-day holidays - This is the ending date for a multi-day holiday.
required for single-day holidays - This is the date of a single-day holiday. (If you use the week_ordinal/weekday/month parameters below, date will default to a phrase like "First Sunday in January". Otherwise it has no default and is required.). Specific phrases for other rules are decoded in Template:Infobox_holiday/date. Sample: "first Thursday after 18 April". If no value is given, the value of d:Property:P837 of the holiday's Wikidata item is displayed instead.
highly recommended for holidays that don't stay on the same Gregorian date - This is the Gregorian date on which the holiday will occur in 2022. At the end of 2022, this will be replaced with date2023, which will later be replaced with date2024. Therefore, it's a good idea to specify the Gregorian date for a few future years. (Not necessary if week_ordinal/weekday/month are specified instead.)


This should be an image that represents the holiday. The value is just the simple target-name, not a full wikilink.
The size of the image (default is 225px).
This is a caption that describes the image.
This should contain the official name of the holiday if it is not the holiday_name; this can also be the name of the holiday in its original language
This should hold any nicknames, alternatives, and translations for the holiday_name or official_name
highly recommended - These are the people who celebrate/observe the holiday (e.g. Muslims and Islam, United States, people worldwide)
This is the liturgical color of the day, if applicable to a religious holiday; or other color which is applicable to the holiday (eg. green for Saint Patrick's Day)
This is a lengthier description of the type, for example if there are two types that could be defined, for example "Cultural, Historical, Islamic"
This is a lengthier description of the holiday's significance
define the how the date varies (not displayed). Sample value: "same day each year"
time the holiday or observance last. Sample values: "1 day", "1 week", "3 days"
the frequency with which the holiday or observance re-occurs. Sample values: "annual", "weekly", "monthly"
week_ordinal, weekday, month
For days that are observed on the same day of the same week every year, these specify the week (week_ordinal), day of the week (weekday), and month. If you use these, you no longer have to specify date2021, date2022, date2023, etc. If you specify week_ordinal, then weekday and month are required also.
date2021, date2023
recommended for holidays that don't stay on the same Gregorian date - The template will display the previous and next year's dates along with that of the current year, if they are provided. Again, it's a good idea to provide dates for a few years further into the future as well. (Not necessary if week_ordinal/weekday/month are specified instead.)
first time/year the holiday was observed (if available)
last time/year the holiday was observed (if no longer observed)
This contains the celebrations that occur on the holiday.
This contains essentially the same thing as the celebrations attribute. However, the word observances is used. This may be more appropriate than celebrations when referring to prayer or more solemn observances. Most likely, you will not need both celebrations and observances.
This contains holidays that relate to the current holiday.


Same date every year

{{Infobox holiday
|holiday_name  = Nice Safe Day
|type          = national
|official_name = The Nice Safe Holiday Day
|nickname      = The Nice & Safe Day
|observedby    = [[Atlantis]]
|significance  = The Nice Safe Day for everyone
|date          = January 31
|celebrations  = The Nice Safe Day parade
|relatedto     = [[Unsafe Day]]
Nice Safe Day
Official nameThe Nice Safe Holiday Day
Also calledThe Nice & Safe Day
Observed byAtlantis
SignificanceThe Nice Safe Day for everyone
CelebrationsThe Nice Safe Day parade
DateJanuary 31
Related toUnsafe Day

Same day of same week every year

{{Infobox holiday
|holiday_name  = Puzzle Saturday
|type          = secular
|image         = Wikipedia-logo-blank.png
|caption       = Commonly seen puzzling encyclopedia
|official_name = The Official Puzzle Saturday
|observedby    = United States
|longtype      = State holiday
|week_ordinal  = last
|weekday       = Saturday
|month         = August
Puzzle Saturday
Commonly seen puzzling encyclopedia
Official nameThe Official Puzzle Saturday
Observed byUnited States
TypeState holiday
DateLast Saturday in August
2021 dateAugust 28  (2021-08-28)
2022 dateAugust 27  (2022-08-27)
2023 dateAugust 26  (2023-08-26)
2024 dateAugust 31  (2024-08-31)

Different days and dates each year

{{Infobox holiday
|holiday_name  = Inscrutable Day
|type          = cultural
|official_name = Day of the Phantom Inscrutable Cheese
|observedby    = [[Chicago]], [[Illinois]]
|date          = Five days after every 13th moon
|date2012      = June 8
|date2013      = June 27
|date2014      = July 12
|date2016      = September 1
|date2017      = June 8
|observances   = Night of the Moon Cheese
Inscrutable Day
Official nameDay of the Phantom Inscrutable Cheese
Observed byChicago, Illinois
ObservancesNight of the Moon Cheese
DateFive days after every 13th moon

Formulas for calculating occurrences

Sample formulas used in Template:Infobox holiday/date:

For some holidays, this is still defined on the holiday page itself. For First Day of Summer, this would be:

|date                     = first Thursday after 18 April
|date{{LASTYEAR}}         = {{Weekday after date|{{LASTYEAR}}|April|18|Thursday}}
|date{{CURRENTYEAR}}      = {{Weekday after date|{{CURRENTYEAR}}|April|18|Thursday}}
|date{{NEXTYEAR}}         = {{Weekday after date|{{NEXTYEAR}}|April|18|Thursday}}
|date{{#time:Y|+2 years}} = {{Weekday after date|{{#time:Y|+2 years}}|April|18|Thursday}}

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