The Mzilikazi Memorial

The Memorial is on the site of Mzilikazi's royal town of Mhlahlandleia after he left Inyati and was unveiled on 18th June 1941. It stood in the shade of the indaba tree under which Mzilikazi had sat in council and has the inscription: “Mzilikazi, son of Shobana, the Matabele hail you. The Mountain fell down on 5 September 1868. All nations acclaim the son of Shobana.

Why Visit

  • Mzilikazi is today acclaimed by many as the father of the amaNdebele nation and the greatest leader this country has ever had.
  • While his journey had begun with a few hundred followers, under Mzilikazi's leadership the tribe’s numbers had risen to, at their peak, some 20,000 people as conquered peoples were absorbed into the amaNdebele nation.