Soul Jah Love

Soul Jah Love was an award winning Zimbabwean dancehall artist and songwriter. His rise to fame, came with his hit tracks, Ndini Uya uya and Gum-kum in 2012. He was also known for the signature chants that he had created, Chibabababa, Hauite Hauite, Conquering and Mafundan’a.

Soul Jah Love contributed to the foundation of dancehall music in Zimbabwe, making it a popular form of political expression in Zimbabwe. This includes his song Kuponda nhamo released in 2015.

Things You did not know about Soul Jah Love

Soul Jah Love was one of the most popular Zimdancehall artists. Born and raised in Harare, Soul Jah Love’s trials and tribulations were reflective of how challenging life can be but with dedication and focus one can still achieve success beyond their wildest dreams. Below is a compilation of Things You Didn’t Know About Soul Jah Love.

  • He was born Soul Musaka on 22 November 1989.
  • His mother died when he was one and he was adopted by auntie who died when he was 5. His mother died when he was just a baby. His grandmother then took him and stayed with him. Unfortunately his grandmother died while he was in Grade 5. Soul Jah Love then moved to stay with his dad and step mother in Waterfalls. His dad then died in 2005.
  • He also had a twin brother named John who sadly passed away when Soul Jah Love was 15 years old.
  • He was diabetic. Soul Jah Love battled many diseases throughout his life. He suffered from cancer and was diabetic since the age of 7. But one thing people loved about Soul Jah Love is that he was a fighter, he defied all odds that were stacked against him.
  • He attended Mhofu Primary School, Prospect Primary School and Lord Malvern High School. It was in high school that he expressed a deep interest for music.
  • Soul Jah Love was married to Bounty Lisa (Lisa Musenyi), a fellow Zimbabwean dancehall musician. The couple met in the music industry and their marriage had sustained both their respective careers. They bumped into each other at popular Chill Spot Records at Matapi Flats in Mbare. He and Bounty Lisa got divorced. Bounty Lisa then entered another marriage, however Soul Jah Love remained single and heartbroken as he claimed that he was still in love with Bounty Lisa.
  • Soul Jah Love began singing whilst in high school. He became a prominent musician in 2012 when he released his hit Ndini uya uya. It rocked almost every local radio station and topped ‘Star FM’ charts for several weeks. He also collaborated with Shinsoman. He built a beautiful house from his music career which was unfortunately demolished by the Harare city council workers. Following the demolition, Jah love released a song called Pazai to indicate how heartbroken he was.
  • His stepmother evicted him from his family home in Waterfalls after his father had died in 2005. All of Soul Jah Love's family members refused to stay with him and he was forced to become a street kid, "chigunduru". In his songs he called himself Chigunduru because he was once a streek kid. We all know that life as a street kid is so hard and painful. So Soul Jah love found comfort and solace in drugs. He had no one to turn to those days. That is when he started singing.