Thobekile "Excavator" Nleya

Thobekile "Excavator" Nleya is a Zimbabwean musician and a member of Jah Prayzah's band Third Generation.


Excavator was raised in Lobengula West in Bulawayo.[1] She is the daughter of Pastor Kamba Nleya of Family of Covenant Church, a breakaway congregation from Family of God.[2]


Nleya was a gospel artiste before she joined Jah Prayzah's band as a replacement of backing vocalist Pamela Zulu (Gonyeti) who had fallen out Jah Prayzah in 2016. Excavator was discovered in August 2016 during Mdara Vachauya album launch in Bulawayo. She was auditioned with the help of Sandra Ndebele.[3]

In 2018, Excavator injured her leg during Alick Macheso’s Dzinosvitsa Kure album launch at Aquatic Complex in Chitungwiza. The injury put her out of action for some weeks.[1]


As a gospel musician, Nleya was nominated for in the 2007 edition of the Zimbabwe Music Awards.[1]


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