Ti Gonzi

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Ti Gonzi
Ti Gonzi
Ti Gonzi
BornTinashe Gonzara
ResidenceMufakose, Harare
  • Musician
  • Designer
Known forMusic, Zim Hip Hop

Ti Gonzi (real name Tinashe Gonzara) is a Zimbabwean Zim Hip Hop artist based in Harare. He has won some local awards for his music. Some of his popular tracks include Zvenyu and Hurombo which features popular artists Cindy Munyavi. Other collaborations he has done include Ende Makaoma which features Ras Caleb. His songs usually has the line Hipu Hopu yekuGhetto.

Ti Gonzi has said that he intends to change the face of Zim Hip Hop by targeting the ghetto youths.

He is based in Mufakose, Harare.


Ti Gonzi went to Herentals College Harare


  • Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto


Zvenyu, Ti Gonzi Video

Zvenyu, Ti Gonzi Video



  • Best Male Artists - Zim Hip Hop Awards 2016
  • Best Collaboration for Zvenyu featuring Baller - Zim Hip Hop Awards 2015
  • Song of the year for Zvenyu - Zim Hip Hop Awards 2015
  • People's Choice Award - Zim Hip Hop Awards 2015