Tinashe Jonasi

Tinashe Jonasi also spelt Tinashe Jonas is a Zimbabwean politician. Jonasi is the self-proclaimed "Civilian President of Zimbabwe".

In May 2019, Jonasi was arrested after he accused Emmerson Mnangagwa of having an adulterous affair with Monica Mutsvangwa, the wife of his former special adviser Christopher Mutsvangwa. He was the President of the opposition Ideal Zimbabwe Party before he joined Zanu-PF in 2021.


Jonasi made headlines after declaring that he would arrest President Emerson Mnangagwa and his two deputies, Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi on 9 March 2019 for an assortment of charges.

On 12 March 2019, he was then arrested for undermining the authority of or insulting President Emmerson Mnangagwa for allegedly slurring him during a televised broadcast programme on a South African news channel, Afro Worldview TV Station.

In the statement which led to his arrest, Jonasi said that the three members of the presidium were criminals of murder and theft. He also alleged that President Mnangagwa rigged the 2018 presidential elections like the way he ‘rigged into his adviser Christopher Mutsvangwa’s wife, Monica Mutsvangwa and had a child’. During the interview he said:

"Mnangagwa has killed thirty thousand people. Why would people defend that maybe he could not kill maybe one or two people? It’s on record. He Mnangagwa can…can open a police case and then I can face him in court and prove to him that he is a killer.

If he can cheat his advisor Christopher Mutsvangwa. Mnangagwa can have a child with his advisor’s wife, that Monica Mutsvangwa, is in a five-star hotel. Mnangagwa is bankrolling his girlfriend who is the wife of his adviser.

I want to warn Emmerson Mnangagwa and say I give you six months to resign and you and this bleaching moron Chiwenga should also resign in the next six months."

He also said Mnangagwa had killed 30 000 people and challenged him to open a police case and that he would face him in court and prove that he was a killer. Jonasi also attacked William Mutumanje known as Acie Lumumba of abusing state funds.

High Court Judge Justice Amy Tsanga ended Tinashe Jonasi’s three-week detention after granting him freedom on bail pending trial.

Jonasi was granted $500 bail and ordered to report to his nearest police station twice a week.[1][2]


In December 2019, Tinashe Jonasi was assaulted in South Africa and handed over to the South Africa Police Services.

A video showing Jonas being assaulted by two men while being handcuffed went viral. Jonasi was said to have been duping people who wanted to join his military program. He would allegedly open WhatsApp groups and people will donate money and he will later close the group.[3]


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