Tinashe Kambarami
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BornTinashe Kambarami

In July 2018, Tinashe Kambarami was elected to Ward 3 Bulawayo Municipality, for MDC Alliance, with 5142 votes.

Personal Details

No information could be found on his age, place of birth, or family.

School / Education

No information could be found on his Junior or High School, or any tertiary education.

Election To Council

2018 – elected to Ward 3 Bulawayo Municipality with 5142 votes, beating Gwinyai Mucheki of Zanu PF with 2141 votes, Nonhlanhla Muzikayise Hlabangana of MDC-T with 755 votes, Nomalanga Dabengwa of ZAPU with 583 votes, Martin Kizack Moyo, independent with 358 votes, Timon Mabhena, independent with 249 votes, Khulani Prince Ndlovu of NPF with 180 votes, Mthandazo Ndlovu of MRP with 174 votes, Nozithelo Jabulile Mabaleka of PRC with 136 votes, Victor Dingaan Dhliwayo of ZDU with 81 votes Munesu Morgan Chifodya of ZIPP with 81 votes, Mishek Nyamunokora of UDA with 61 votes and Johane Marufu, independent with 48 votes. [1]

Conviction for theft

In July 2018, Kambarami appeared before a Bulawayo magistrate on theft charges and pleaded guilty.

He was fined $80 or 18 days in prison for stealing an extension cord from an electrician he had hired to do manual work at his offices.

In November 2018 the 1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement (1893MRM) said Kambarami is unfit for office and accused his party.[2]

It accused the MDC Alliance of violating the public’s trust by allowing an alleged convicted criminal to hold public office.

Assaulting Bulawayo Town Clerk

In August 2019, Kambarami and Ward Four Councillor Silas Chigora were acquitted on charges of assaulting Town Clerk, Christopher Dube.[3]

They were alleged to have assaulted Dube while serving him with a letter of suspension in July.

Bulawayo magistrate, Tinashe Tashaya, acquitted the two councillors of assault charges, saying the complainant’s testimony could not be relied upon as it was not credible and truthful.

In December 2019, Kambarami and Chigora withdrew their assault case against Dube, after reaching an out of court settlement.

Damaging Council Property

In November 2019, Kambarami and Ward 4 councillor Silas Chigora were acquitted on allegations of damaging city council property during a scuffle with Town Clerk Christopher Dube in August of that year.

The duo was accused of damaging a French door, five French door panes and a lever lock at the council chambers.

Bulawayo magistrate Shepherd Mjanja dismissed the pair at the close of the State case.[4]

Acquittal on theft charges

In June 2020, Kambarami was acquitted of criminal theft charges against him by the Bulawayo High Court.[5]

High Court judges, Justice Martin Makonese and Justice Thompson Mabhikwa set aside his conviction and sentencing.

The judges cited that Kambarami’s guilty plea to the theft charge was not clear.

In July 2018, Kambarami was convicted and fined $80 or 18 days in prison. He had pleaded guilty to stealing an extension cord from an electrician he had hired to do manual work at his offices.

Supreme Court Appeal

In May 2021, the Supreme Court reinstated Kambarami as Bulawayo’s Deputy Mayor. It was reported at the time that the reinstatement had no effect as he had been recalled by the MDC-T.

Before his election as councillor in 2018, Kambarami was found guilty of theft and fined US$80 or in default payment 18 days imprisonment.

1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement (MRM) and Nomalanga Dabengwa successfully sued in the High Court sitting as an Electoral Court.

However, Kambarami moved to appeal the High Court Ruling that removed him from office.

The case was argued before Supreme Court, Judge of Appeal, Justice Nicholas Mathonsi on May 27, 2021.

The judge dismissed the case of plaintiffs 1893 MRM and Nomalanga Dabengwa with costs.

Application to stop By-election

In January 2022, Kambarami approached the High Court seeking an order to bar the Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC) from holding by-elections in the ward.

He had lost his position following his conviction for theft, a ruling that was later dismissed by the Supreme Court.

Bulawayo High Court Judge, Justice Martin Makonese, ruled that a vacancy still existed in Ward 3.

Reinstatement to Council

In August 2022, Bulawayo High Court granted an order reinstating Tinashe Kambarami as deputy mayor and Ward 3 councillor of the City of Bulawayo.

Lawsuit against the Mthwakazi Republic Party

In August 2022, Kambarami threatened to take legal action against Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) party for defamation.[6]

He accused MRP of publishing statements accusing him of conniving with a senior council official to destroy Bulawayo.

Recall from Council

Kambarami was finally recalled from Bulawayo City Council (BBC) by MDC-T in September 2022.[6]

On 15 September 2022, the Minister of Local Government and Public Works, July Moyo wrote to the city’s Town Clerk, Christopher Dube informing BBC of Kambarami’s recall. Part of the letter reads:

I wish to inform you that I am in receipt of a letter from the Movement Democratic Change stating that Councillor Tinashe Kambarami of ward three has ceased to be a member of the Party. In terms of Section 278(1) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe as read with Section 129(1)(k) his ward is now vacant. Please advise Zimbabwe Electoral Commission accordingly.


17 August 2019 - Assaulted & dumped along Matopos road. See Political Abductions and Forced Disappearances in Zimbabwe
15 July 2019 - Arrested. The deputy mayor of Bulawayo, Tinashe Kambarami and councillor Silas Chigora were released on ZWL$100 bail each after a night in cells following their arrest 13 July 2019 for allegedly assaulting town clerk Christopher Dube. Dube was being forcibly removed from his office for refusing to accept a suspension letter from Kambarami, who was acting mayor on the day. Mayor Solomon Mguni was away on study leave when Kambarami tried to serve Dube with the suspension letter, and he has since reversed the suspension.

A meeting called by Kambarami to endorse Dube’s suspension was aborted following the protests by residents who went on to beat up some MDC councillors, among them Felix Mhaka.

Magistrate Franklin Mkwananzi presided. Kambarami and Chigora were represented by lawyers Dickson Moyo and Maqhawe Ndlovu.


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