Tino Chinyani
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Tino Chinyani is a South African based Zimbabwean model and television presenter best known for co-hosting the e.tv breakfast show The Morning Show.[1]

He also co-hosted (with Denise Zimba) the Channel O music lifestyle show Top 5 Drive.


Tino claimed that he never really took modelling seriously as his parents wanted him to enter the corporate world which they said had more security. He was however influenced by a friend who told him that he had the looks and he agreed to a photo shootout.[2]

I only ever first stepped in front of the camera when a friend of mine who happens to be a photographer approached me and told me I had the look and we shot once then the rest was history. The journey so far has been astounding. I've travelled to places I thought I'd never go, I've met amazing individuals that have opened my mind to a world I never thought possible and my biggest achievement to me so far is being able to inspire fellow young adults and the youth at large to chase their dreams and never give up on their passion

Time management

Tino claimed that he is very organised and keeps a diary to manage his time in the studio and working out in the gym to keep in shape.


Tino does not drink coffee.

  • He does not enjoy being in the club unless absolutely necessary
  • He is obsessed with movies.
  • He loves going back and watching a lot of old movies too cause he tends to watch new ones as soon as they're released.
  • He does not enjoy football at all.
  • He prefers a braai to go out to eat any day.


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