Tomas Kjellsson

Tomas Kjellsson is a Swede and the owner of Green Africa Safaris (Green Safari Africa) whose company got concessions in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. His skin is covered in the tattoos of animals he’s killed. One day his skin could be the only place to see them.[1]


Tomas Kjellsson was born in Sweden. He has been hunting and fishing since he was a little boy. He has been working full time as a hunting guide for 23 years and has been to many places on the earth and hunted.


The first time he was hunting in Africa was in 1994 and when he left to go back to Sweden he says he left a piece of his heart on this continent. His next safari was in 1999 and since then he daily had Africa in his mind. He has been around Africa on several trips and found what his piece of heart belong in Zimbabwe and Mozambiqe. He has hunted a lot of different hunting forms but early he was stuck to "big game hunting".

It is an honor for him to run the company Green Africa Safaris (Green Safari Africa) and he will do it with all his heart and soul. The name of the company means managing, improving, collaborate, doing it better, sustaining wildlife conservation and on the same time not forget the local population. He has a good team around the company and they will preform what is required for their clients.[2]

Poaching Scandal

His company was implicated in a poaching case where they are being accused of using their political links with President Emmerson Mnangagwa's family through his son, Kudakwashe Mnangagwa to poach wildlife in the Nyangambe Community Wildlife Project, in the Save Valley Conservancy, Chiredzi, located in the south-eastern part of the country. Kudakwashe is said to move around with Green Safari Africa's Operations Manager Phillip Mafuta who is an in-law to one of Zion Christian Church Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi’s brothers, to hunt and poach wildlife outside hunting quotas. The ZCC leader is a prominent backer of the Zimbabwe strongman and prior to the 2018 elections, Mutendi endorsed Mnangagwa ahead of opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa.[3]


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