Veronica Tsitsi Muzenda is a Zimbabwean politician and member of Zanu-PF. She is the daughter of the late Simon and Maud Muzenda.



She has brothers Tongai and Vengesayi and a sister named Tendai Ngcobo.[1][2]


Tsitsi Muzenda served as the Deputy Minister of Energy and Power Development.[3]

Ahead of the 2018 harmonised elections, Muzenda won the Zanu-PF primary elections to stand as a senatorial candidate for Midlands Province.[4]

In September 2018, she was elected Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly.[5] In October 2018, Muzenda was appointed to the Standing Rules and Orders Committee (SROC) by Parliament.[6]

Kasukuwere Probe Team

In 2017, Tsitsi Muzenda was part of the team sent by Robert Mugabe to investigate allegations against the then Zanu-PF national Political Commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and his brother Dickson Mafios.

Kasukuwere stood accused of setting up parallel structures in a bid to topple President Mugabe, who at the time was the Zanu-PF First Secretary.

He was being accused of fanning factionalism in provinces, corruption and abuse of office among other charges.

According to the probe team report, on factionalism, it was noted that Kasukuwere was creating shadow Members of Parliament in some constituencies with sitting legislators.

Although the reasons for the creation of the shadow MPs were not explained, it was widely believed that they were part of Kasukuwere's larger plot to topple President Mugabe by planting people loyal to him in key positions.

Further, the team also concluded that Mashonaland Central Province had lost confidence in the leadership of Kasukuwere, Dickson Mafios and Wonder Mashange.[7][8]


She is one of the directors of Ex-Combatant Security Services. ZINARA allegedly arm-twisted its to award a tender to Ex-Combatant Security Services. This resulted in the resignation of Zinara board deputy chairperson Runyararo Jambo in October 2019.[9]

Dismissal of Zanu-PF Youth Leaders

Tsitsi Muzenda together with Chris Mutsvangwa and Lovemore Matuke, among others reportedly, backed Pupurai Togarepi and Lewis Matutu after they verbally attacked business tycoon Kudakwashe Tagwirei, who they said was the face of corruption.

Muzenda reportedly told Emmerson Mnangagwa that firing the youth leaders from Zanu-PF would silence debate within the party.[10]


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